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Dan Mitchell
at 651-342-1469

Landstar Truck 556022


Standard legal 8 foot 6 inch width clearance (102 inches or 2.6 meters) on entire deck, front to back

Total Inside Length • 49 feet 6 inches (594 inches or 15.1 meters)

• Four Load Levelers on board rated for 23,500 pounds each

Dock Height of bottom deck is 3 feet 5 inches (41 inches or 1.04 meters) and can be raised to at least 4 feet (48 inches or 1.2 meters)

Trailer Cargo Capacity 38,000 pounds (17,250 kg)

BOTTOM DECK ONLY - inside closed tarp
Length: 40 feet 6 inches long on bottom deck
(486 inches or 12.4 meters)
Height: 9 foot 9 inches of height inside closed tarp
(117 inches or 2.9 meters)
Width: 8 foot 6 inch width clearance inside closed tarp
(102 inches or 2.6 meters)

TOP DECK ONLY - inside closed tarp
• Length: 9 feet long on top deck
(108 inches or 2.7 meters)
• Height:
7 foot 6 inches of height inside closed tarp
(90 inches or 2.0 meters)
• Width:
8 foot 6 inch width clearance inside closed tarp
(102 inches or 2.6 meters)

Bottom Deck Top Deck

• Tarp opens from the front or back to fully expose top or rear deck for overhead loading by crane, or forklift loading from either side or rear.

• 4 heavy duty load levelers and ramps with 23,500 pound (10,500 kg) load capacity rating per axle.

• Ramps can also be used under the trailer tires to bring the trailer deck up to loading a 48 inch dock height.

Landstar Truck 556022

• On-board scales for all axle groups

Automatic tire chains on drive axle, plus standard chains to meet all chain laws

• 4" straps, 2" straps, Grade 70
Chains and Rachet Binders, Coil racks, 4"x4" lumber, 4' pipe stakes, automotive cluster hooks, felt pads

• Container locks for one 40' or two 20' containers

• Sliding rear axle for increased weight capacity on trailer axles

• Team expedited service and dual driver protection service.

• Both drivers are US Citizens with passports, plus AA&E, TWIC, TSA, HazMat and tanker endorsements.

• No Pets, Non-Smokers.

• USA & Canada cell, e-mail and Internet service. Same cell number for both countries.

Personal protection equipment onboard

Landstar 556022 Ramps
Ramps securely lock to both the top and bottom trailer deck and have 2 adjustable jack stands. Allows us to accommodate vehicles with a long wheelbase or low clearance, such as these mini vans modified with wheelchair ramps.

Landstar Truck 556022 Load Levelers
Load Levelers
The four ramps can also be used as very secure load levelers. Longer pieces can span the entire 49.5 foot length of the top and bottom deck. Allows for more loading flexibility and greater capacity with usable cargo space between the levelers.

Landstar 556022 Landstar 556022
Load Levelers can also be used to secure odd shaped cargo. This custom valve was secured on the levelers, allowing the important valve on the bottom to travel secure without damage.

Landstar 556022 - Trailer Tarp Opens From The Front
Easy Access - Tarps Open Front or Back
Tarp rolls open from the front or back, allowing easy access to deck space from 3 sides with a forklift, from the top with a crane, or from a dock. Rear axle can slide to the back, and ramps can be placed under the trailer tires to bring the deck up to at least a 46 inch dock height for easy drive on access.